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Ford Service & Parts near Dorval, QC

After you buy a new Ford or used vehicle from our Ford dealership near Dorval, QC, you're going to want to keep it running like new. You can do that right here at the Ford service center at LaSalle Ford. Feel free to schedule regular maintenance and make sure your Ford is running the way it should. Our team of technicians can help with everything from oil changes to tire rotations to brake pad repairs. They even can help you with more extensive repairs, and can answer any and all questions you may have along the way. Schedule a service appointment today!

At LaSalle Ford, we also carry a wide selection of OEM Ford parts for you to buy. Plenty of Ford drivers enjoy working on their own vehicles, so you can fill out a parts order form and get exactly what you need delivered right to our dealership. We offer all kinds of car components, like windshield wipers, brake pads, tires, light bulbs and more, and we can provide you with the auto accessories you need to make your vehicle one of a kind. Feel free to come in and speak with a member of our staff, or just fill out the form and wait for your part to come in so you can pick it up once it's arrived.

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Tire Center

LaSalle Ford's tire center offers a complete collection of summer and winter tires specifically designed and approved for your Ford vehicle. Our advisers will be able to help you find the perfect tire for your needs that will also preserve the safety characteristics of your vehicle. In addition, we offer storage services as well as tire installation, rotating, and balancing.

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From simple oil changes to more complex repairs, LaSalle Ford technicians will treat your vehicle as if it belonged to us. Our technicians are trained by Ford and they know your vehicle inside and out. They know how to ensure its reliability and safety. Moreover, our after-sales service advisors will explain every repair and service performed on your vehicle in advance in order to avoid any surprises.

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To ensure that your Ford is as beautiful today as it was when you first bought it, trust LaSalle Ford’s detailing department and body shop. LaSalle Ford’s experienced detailing technicians will repair pesky dents as well as remove small scratches quickly using state-of-the-art tools. We also offer several detailing packages to prepare your vehicle for both summer and winter.

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Parts and Accessories

Genuine Ford parts and accessories are specially designed for your vehicle to preserve its reliability, security and performance. To improve the style or the versatility of your Ford, you can trust LaSalle Ford’s genuine parts and accessories department.

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LaSalle Ford recommends the use of OEM original parts approved by Ford motor. The use of any and all generic brands and parts are not suggested and may lead to a decline in proper function and durability of the part. LaSalle Ford offers the highest quality parts in Motorcraft as these OEM parts are measured under the stickest guidance and meet or exceed the industry standards.

Increase the life cycle of your Ford by consulting today with one of our qualified professionals that will guide you on the best part selection for your Ford.

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